Quotes & Delivery

TextureSource Quotes & Delivery

At TextureSource, we do everything in our power to make our services quick, convenient, and effective for our customers. This includes special deliveries and easy-to-obtain TextureSource quotes.


When the clock is ticking and production deadlines are approaching, it's important to be able to meet your customers' demands. Our delivery service saves you valuable time. Think of it as our 'drive-thru window'.

The delivery of services depends on many factors, including the number of pieces, level of difficulty, information, patterns, materials, etc. In most cases, we look at our options and determine how best to fulfill your requirements. We can even extend our hours and use weekends if required. Additionally, if applicable on small quick jobs, a driver may wait as we urgently process the need of service.


It's never been easier to get a quote. We can talk pricing on the phone, over email, by fax, or in person. We can even come up with quotes based on sample parts, drawings, sketches, or pictures. Rely on us for ballpark pricing even if you have limited information and simply need a quick quote.

Cost-Saving Tips

  • Disassemble molds and ship only what is required to work on prior to shipping. This saves on shipping costs and extra disassembly charges. Our process requires us to remove water lines, hydraulic hoses, and other attached parts that need to be taken off. Therefore, once we receive the molds, we can immediately go to processing the texture. This reduces time, cost, and leads to faster delivery.

  • Textures consist of many patterns. Some patterns are more difficult to apply and may involve multiple layers to achieve, resulting in extra charges. Let us help you find a pattern that meets the visual requirements while being easier to apply. This is a fantastic method to save some dollars.

  • Prior to shipping, ensure that the surface to be textured is free from any plating or coating e.g. chrome, nickel, Teflon, etc. These coatings resist chemicals and interfere with the process of texturing.