First-Rate Texturing Services

An appealing texture can transform an ordinary item into something truly special. Many businesses choose us to enhance their existing products in order to make them ready for sale to their own customers. Learn all about our impressive range of texturing services.

Mold Texturing

Regardless of what texture you have in mind for your product, depend on TextureSource to achieve the right look. We can either develop patterns to match your concept, or you can select a pattern from a texture plaque. If you have a texture specification from your customer or a texture on a plaque or part, we are almost certainly able to identify and match it.

Additionally, there are a number of patterns being developed all over the world that we have access to. Some manufacturers require texturing companies to be an approved source with certification on certain patterns. These types of patterns are usually associated with the automobile markets and certain OEMs. If we are not already approved, we may be able to work with you and your customer to seek pattern certification. Standard textures we produce include:

  • Leather Grains
  • Stipples
  • Matte
  • Wood Grains
  • Linen
  • Graphic Designs

Texture Repair

When considering texture repair, there are many factors to take into account. Damage repair may require welding, benching, and polishing. Certain textures make repairs more difficult due to their varying levels and their pattern type. Be sure to contact us first to save yourself time and money.

On-Site Repair

Depend on us to repair damaged texture at your facility or at your mold-makers. This is the perfect option for people limited by their downtime or their mold size.


Our polishing resources include general benching to high polishes. Our customers rely on us to take machine finishes and bring them up to most required surface specifications.


The world of engraving is more complex than you might imagine. We help you determine which process best fits your requirements. Choose from:

  • Pantograph
  • EDM
  • Laser
  • Chemical
  • Hot & Metal Stamping Dies

Chemical Engraving

Enhance your products with chemical engraving. This process allows you to etch your artwork or black and white graphics onto a product. Our customers select chemical engraving for many visuals, including logos, date grids, part numbers, and so much more.


When your project requires welding or micro-welding, we have the skills to perform these services on most identified materials related to our trade. It is important to know that before welding there are requirements to follow to obtain the best results.


Sandblasting is used to clean molds, achieve gloss levels, and apply grit finishes. Glass beading and aluminum oxide are among the most common materials used in sandblasting.